On April 7, 2001 the Trinity County Arts Council presented a series of works done in Charcoal by Colleen O'Sullivan.  The gallery, located at the Lee Ranch House, held twelve of Colleen's drawings.   The show was well attended with well over 125 visitors.

The following are a series of pictures of the opening on April 7th.

These two pictures are the "My Wish" and "A Street in Siena".  Colleen drew the one on the left from a photo taken of her and her friend when she was in High School at Oakland Technical.  The drawing on the right is from a photo she took in Siena, Italy in 1999. 

The picture on the left is of Colleen (on the right) chatting with a couple of guests. The photo on the right is just a random shot of visitors. 

These are two more of Colleen's drawings.  The one on the left was titled "the Muse".  It is actually a portrait taken from a photo of one of Colleen's childhood and current friends - Marcelle Gomez.  The drawing on the right "Invincible Summer" is of Colleen's brother Sean sitting on a rock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

These are two additional shots of visitors - Susan Whitridge, who had a very successful art showing the month before - talks "Art" with Colleen and Jerilyn Walters.  On the right, Fran Whitman (facing the camera), who is working to develop a vital Theatre in Weaverville, is seen chatting with ?.

These are two additional shots of visitors - Jan Brummett - who is talking with Winke Sanderson and is standing by the door - is Colleen's art instructor.   The photo on the right gives you a feeling for more of the gallery.

Here's a shot of Colleen standing next to her trademark drawing for this show - "A Writer's Hands".

This last shot is of Colleen looking at the drawing of the "Wisconsin Chickens".  What will this new artist come up with next?... Stay tuned for more from Colleencards.com!